"FLOAT TO SURVIVE" Surf Educators International is an association inviting global membership and affiliation to surf educators and relevant groups. Formed in Australia in 2010 due to the great need for consistent Surf Education messages and programs. Surf Educators International is based on the following objects.

"Float to Survive"

Global experts in lifeguard & water safety services 'Our Services Save Lives'

'Preventing Tragedy through Education & Training'

SEI Objects

1.1 The message:

SEI is an association created to ensure that a valid and credible surf safety message is disseminated in a clear and understandable way to all. (See Rip and surf safety brochure)

1.2 The expertise:

SEI will act as a conduit and forum for expert discussion from local and international experts to ensure that the most effective message is communicated to all beach and water course users.

1.3 The educational programs:

SEI will utilise skills, knowledge and research findings of SEI members and other experts to develop the appropriate content, delivery methods and educational approaches for preventative, self-survival and rescue/emergency action advice for beach users. SEI will promote the use of these surf safety messages within all publicly available resources and programs. The programs are designed to benefit all would-be and actual beach users.

1.4 Accreditation:

SEI encourages best practice in content and delivery of surf safety education resources and programs. Content and delivery methods will be designed to meet general and specific needs of beach user groups and the community. SEI will monitor, assess and review the quality of surf safe publications and programs and recommend improvements and/or accreditation for publications and programs that meet the SEI quality standard.

1.5 Reporting and funding:

SEI will prepare reports for government and non-government agencies to ensure that adequate funding is obtained from public, corporate and government sources for surf safety education resources and programs.

SEI received funding for 2014 and 2015 from the NSW government as part of the Water safety Black Spots Fund (WSBSF).

This funding has enabled SEI to deliver SURF EDUCARTION programs to rural schools and schools in lower socioeconomical areas within around around Sydney. These schools are target demographic to reduce drowning

Unfortunately the SEI program is not part of the current NSW WSBSF, however if you believe your school is in a lower socioeconomical area, contact us to see if we can meet your budget requirements -  02 99077650 or email info@seaaustralia.com.au

Project 291 - view video of recent Wollongong community program produced with the support of the black Spots funding,

Also thanking project 291partners - Bellambi Surf Lifesaving Club, Northern Stars Swim School, Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre, Big Fat Smile's Communities For Children, Everyday Care South, Youth Off The Streets, Bellambi Public School, Corrimal Public School, Holly Spirit College, Bellambi Bowling Club, Sea Australia and Wollongong City Council.

Founding members (2016 member form)

SEA Australia (SEA)                       and the Surf Educate Australia program

APOLA                                            Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association)

Bondi Rescue Lifeguards                           

Lifeguarding Services Australia        

Let's Go Surfing                                          

Aquatic Safety Consultants Australia

Lifeguard International                     

ICEA foundation                               

Little Heroes Swim Academy                         

Barney Quinlan Swim Squad                

Maroochydore Surf School                     

Cronulla Beach Swim School                 

Infront Surf Craft                                 

Trent Munroe Swim Academy            

Special Rescue Training Academy     

Swimfassst (swim device)                   

Drishti India                                        

Coffs Harbour City Council                  
SA Water Safety South Africa

Surfing Byron Bay


Craig Riddington                         

Bruce Hopkins                              

John Andrews                              

Grant Kenny OAM    Patron        

Dr. Rob Brander (DR RIP)            

David Pullinger                           

Tal Williams                                

Ken Holloway                              

Julian Taylor                               

Luke Gilroy                                 

Lachie Cook