Reports and Statistics

Coastal Assessment

The assessment was conducted by Nick Dawe, Operations manager (Warringah Council Lifeguards and SEA) on behalf of Surf Educators International and Sarah Knapman (photographer and an experienced representative of SEA).

The Ghanaian coast resembles the Australian East coast in physical attributes and diversity, making it a significant challenge to pick the most appropriate locations for an education program, and those which are in greater need of lifeguard services. This decision is being made based on an assessment that was done in July 2012, and which will consider those questions, plus incorporating other demographical and geographical considerations and importantly safety for volunteers from both western countries and local Ghanaians.

The assessment was for the western 2/3rds of the Ghanaian coastlin and incuded places such as: Axim, Dix Cove, Busua, Fantas Folly, Butre, Asemko, El Mina, Cape Coast, Saltpond, Kokrobite and popular beaches in the capital city Accra. The conclusions of this report (which is shaping the operations component of the project) are that some areas, fortunately, lend themselves very well to an education program, and are located in safe and welcoming communities. Other parts of the coast are beaches that warrant lifeguard services and would not be conducive to an education program.

Both services will be accommodated as we endeavor to role out a comprehensive program which does not only address one component of water safety, but in fact is a sustainable, holistic and evidence based approach to ocean safety.

Stay tuned to learn exactly where we decide to implement our program and start getting accredited so you can come and help out!!