West Africa

"Unfortunately, we do not have a system in place in Ghana for keeping people safe in the ocean. The result of this lack of training and lifeguarding is that many are putting their lives in danger and people are drowning."

Peter Nardini, Owner of Black Star Surf Shop, Ghana's first surfing training centre

With a coastline of 539km, many Ghanaians depend on the ocean for their livelihood. Fishing is the main source of food for those living on the coast and the beach is used as a marketplace for food.

But despite the importance of the ocean for Ghanaian life, there is a severe lack of adequate swimming, beach and surf safety training. There are no trained swim teachers, no public lifeguards and no signage informing locals of dangerous conditions.

As a result, a significant number of locals drown at the beach each year attempting to swim or collect food for their communities.

SEI aims to change this by implementing just a few simple procedures.

With ongoing education programs, those who depend on the ocean can learn to respect the conditions and use it safely. And with lifeguard training, strong swimmers can be taught to use their skills in the water to help those who get into trouble.

SEI is still in the fundraising stages, but please visit our 'How You Can Help' page for details of how todonate or help with our fundraising events.