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Published research paper

Approaches for Beach Safety and Education in Ghana: A Case Study for
Developing Countries with a Surf Coast

What does SEI need funds for?

Our current priority is to raise $25,000 to take two paid professionals to Ghana who will conduct a feasibility study of the coastline. Once this study is complete, SEI can focus on implementing an education program for locals and conducting lifeguard training.

Can I volunteer?

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our growing team at SEI. We utilize the individual talents of each of our volunteers, whether it be volunteering on the ground, or behind the scenes in Sydney. You don't have to be a certified lifeguard to be a part of this organization. To get involved contact us.

As SEI is still in the planning stages for operations in Ghana, there is no volunteer placement program for Ghana yet. However, if you have experience as a lifeguard and would like to volunteer in Ghana to help us combat this issue, please contact us via email or telephone.

What kind of education programs are you implementing?

This depends on the results of the feasibility study of the Ghanaian coastline. Our lifeguards and surf safety experts will figure out the best way to implement the programs once this study is completed.

Where else is SEI operating?

SEI has programs in Europe, Dubai, Australia and now Ghana. The programs vary in nature because of the difference in cultures, but are all aimed at educating locals to help keep them safe in the surf.

When are your fundraising events?

For details of our next fundraiser, visit our Events page.