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Published research paper

Approaches for Beach Safety and Education in Ghana: A Case Study for
Developing Countries with a Surf Coast

Current plans for Africa

Our current priority is to raise enough money to take set up a lifeguarding service and school education program in Ghana by 2013. This initial implementation in Ghana will be used as a template to service other countries on the coast of Africa who are experiencing this drowning problem.

All online donations go directly to educational operations on the ground in Ghana.

Why should I help?

"Here is the situation in my village. Me and the surf instructors and local surfers that hang out at our surf shop act as a de facto lifeguard operation. None of us have received any training and unfortunately over the past 3 yearswe have seen 6 people drown on our beach, which is considered one of the safest in Ghana. The good news is that we have saved between 10-20 people during this same time. I know for a fact that with training we would have been able to save at least a couple more people. For example, we recently lost one person who was in a large group of people in trouble in the ocean and because of our confusion and lack of training we did not ask for a head count. The group did not realize they were missing one of their friends until we got to the shore and he drowned"

Peter Nardini, Owner of Black Star Surf Shop, Ghana's first surfing training centre

The first step towards saving lives on African beaches is to raise $25,000 by July 2012 for a coastal appraisal and the set up of our first education program by professionals from Bondi Rescue and Surf Educate Australia. As we are not for profit organization, all online donations will go directly towards the execution of education programs on the ground in Ghana. Further to this, our long term fundraising goal for July 2013 is $100,000. Reaching this target will enable us to bring over professional volunteers and equipment to initiate a widespread education program throughout Ghana.

'We believe that with the generous support of the Australian public we will be able to execute an effective educational surf safety program in Ghana that will reduce drowning by 50% within our first few years on the ground'

Cara Hammerton, founder of The African Project

How can I help?

For monetary contributions please press our 'donate now' button. We do not have a DGR status as of yet. Monetary contributions are not the only way you can help! To get involved in spreading awareness or to even hold your own fundraising event please contact us for your own fundraising and awareness toolkit.

We also gratefully accept material donations of useful surf lifesaving equipment e.g. training/rescue boards, life jackets, swim costumes, etc. If you are interested in donating any material objects please contact us.


We are always looking for new volunteers to join our growing team at SEI. We utilise the individual talents of each of our volunteers, whether it be volunteering on the ground, or behind the scenes in Sydney. You don't have to be a certified lifeguard to be a part of this organization.To get involved contact us.